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Stepping away from his usual simple lines, flowing melodies and romantic approach to music, this recording is aggressive, complex and electric.It is a record of the type of music Bill played with his band, "The Storytellers".

Never recorded professionally when they were together, he thought that it was a shame that this time of his musical life was not documented.

Gathering some of the idols from his youth, (Andrew Gander (drums), Phil Scorgie (bass), Victor Rounds (bass) and Dieter Kleemann (guitar), who co-wrote some of the material), the music was recorded in several sessions over an 18 month period, the final product being completed in May 2000.

On this recording, Bill produced, arranged, played bass, piano and vibraphone. Special guest, Roger Manins (tenor sax), and Dieter were both members of "The Storytellers".

Rising Sun: win real
I Make A Living: win real
Trapped: win real