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The Four Winds Festival in Bermagui was a great musical experience. The Friday night concert was Bach interspersed with improvised music from me. I had a great time in Melbourne playing with Ed Gaston, Allan Browne and Di Bird. July should see me going back to Holland for some more gigs with Steve Clisby...


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The Spiegeltent

Where Oh where is the tent now???

I wrote a book!

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Winter 2007
By Bill Risby


Norway is my next plan to release a solo piano CD I recorded there in 2006. No dates or details are in place yet.

Two New Reviews

New Review #1:From JazzNytt October 06 If you are amongst those who likes to kick back in a deep cozy chair after a long and full day, and put on Keith Jarrett's "The melody at night with you" or Bugge Wesseltofts, "It´s snowing on my piano" and think...."ahh... this is happiness", then Bill Risby Trio's album "Looking Up" might be a good alternative. From time to time there is much more drive and variation on "Looking up" compared to the mentioned above exquisite titles, but jazz-pianist Risby manages through his melodic compositions and accessible piano manouvering to make a smooth and comfortable atmosphere. This Australian piano-player, who guested at Hr. Nilsen jazz venue mid march 06, gets good qualified help on this record by Gary Holgate on bass, and Hamish Stuart on drums. Lars Rønn - JazzNytt 06 NEW REVIEW #2: Sydney Morning Herald, October 2005 "Few listeners will not succumb to the spell cast by the fragile beauty of Bill Risby's 'Seek And You Will Find'. Risby weights each note with the assurance of an expert concert pianist performing a Satie Gymnopedie, yet loads them with such a tangible sense of vulnerability that the emotional power stops you dead. We hear too little of Risby in such contexts. it was worth the 11 year wait since his lovely debut, STORIES, for this one, which, after that solo opening, is a collaboration with bassist Gary Holgate and drummer Hamish Stuart. The gentle tentative beginning to 'Looking Up' heralds a slow motion, building intensity over the next 10 minutes into something like a full blown spiritual. The upward energy slant continues with the abrupt drum punctuations and racing bass riff of 'Let Me Off!!' A rather folorn ballad called 'Lost' flutters into freer territory in mid-stream. Risby leaves us with the Celtic melancholy of 'I'll Be Seeing You'. If nothing quite rises to the heights of the first piece, this is still one fine album." John Shand (SMH, Oct 8-9 2005)