Excerpt - Michael Foster - Canberra Times

"Entranced by the music, as composed and played by Bill Risby it was none the less gratifying to have a very personal opinion endorsed by Mike Nock. Nock is also a pianist, composer, and influence, nonpareil. His judgement would be independent of the fact that Risby studied with him at the Sydney Conservatorium.

Nock says, "With this cd, Australia take note - another brilliant young pianist/composer has emerged"... In an age when many musicians seem intent on pulping the aural capabilities and the senses of their audiences, it is more than passing pleasant to be able to listen, be able to hear, without feeling that their sensibilities are threatened.

Risby relies on musicality, on logical, thoughtful progression, for appeal. There are some "classical" ploys, such as rolling riffs and repetitions, but never to excess. "Risby's gift would make a thoughtful offering to anyone interested in jazz in one of its most delightful representations, in piano, in composition, in blissful enjoyment."... And for justification of the effort being made to suggest at least a listening to "Stories", please refer to the first word of this review."